3 simple ways to add curb appeal to your listing

January 8, 2016

Giving a bit of extra attention to your listing’s street side can inspire love at first sight via excellent curb appeal. Sprucing up a home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive. A handy man for a day and a few easy projects will ensure that your next listing isn’t a drive-by — but rather a must-see.

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint is the most effective way to make a house feel new. If your sellers have it in their budget, encourage them to paint their house exterior in a modern neutral pallet.

Grays, blues and blacks are popular and can create a fantastic impact. If they can’t afford to splurge and paint the entire exterior, then simply pressure wash the house to remove cobwebs and dust and paint the front porch and door.

A gray front porch with a black front door looks great on almost any house. A freshly painted porch and door will immediately create the feeling that this home is well-maintained.

2. Replace hardware

Replacing the mailbox, house numbers, doorbell, door knocker, entry light and door handle will make that new paint job pop. Make sure all the metals match.

Start with the door. If you have a dark door, choose a chrome finish. If you have a light door, consider a flat black. Even if the house is classic or historical, modern hardware will make it standout. And buyers will immediately have the impression that the house is updated and ready to go.

Keep the style consistent. If you aren’t a designer at heart, simply look to lifestyle magazines and catalogs for inspiration. You can’t go wrong copying the pros.

3. Stage the outside

Make sure the landscaping is detailed, and bring in new mulch to finish things off. Today, black mulch is a popular choice, and it looks great with light green foliage and succulents.

Put a brand new doormat at the entry, and use potted plants to give depth and luxury to the front porch. If they are fruiting and you are in the right climate, citrus trees are beautiful in zinc pots, and they’ll look good for the duration of your listing.

Consider the watering needs of the staging plants, and don’t use plants that loose their bloom quickly. Tulips, for example, are terribly short-lived.

When staging, don’t be afraid to break the mold. Place an Adirondack chair with a fluffy pillow, and place on it the porch or even the lawn. Use lanterns to line the walkway or highlight front steps. These items can be gifted to the buyers or saved for your next listing.

When you go the extra mile to create a welcoming and inspired exterior, you will sell quickly and your next listing will come through the door any moment.

The neighbors will definitely take note and want the same royal treatment when it’s time to sell their home.

When you go the extra mile to create a welcoming exterior, you will be sure to sell quickly.